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How To Bottle Feed Your Baby Safely

How To Bottle Feed Your Baby Safely

We've partnered with Maternity & Postpartum Consultant and Certified Doula, Sasha Romary, to bring you a selection of articles that cover everything from parenting concerns, to baby health and mother's wellbeing. Sasha talks us through the top do's and dont's when it comes to bottle feeding your baby.

baby being bottle fed milkEven if you have made all the right choices above and found what works for your little one, there are still some general Do’s and Don’ts for formula-feeding.

• DO check the expiration date of the formula and do not ever use or buy expired formula. Make sure you check the condition of the container before purchasing. Don’t ever buy a container that is damaged or open.

• DO
follow the mixing directions on the formula. Use the precise measurements required as under-diluted formula can lead to problems like dehydration and over-diluted formula might be robbing your baby of the nutrients they need.

• DO keep ready-made cartons of formula milk refrigerated until you are ready to use them. For safety reasons, it is best not to store formula milk you have prepared in the fridge yourself as it can contain harmful bacteria, however, parents should always use their discretion and speak to their paediatrician for more information. If you are going out with baby you can keep a ready-made bottle insulated with a small ice pack in a sealed plastic bag or you can simply bring a flask with boiling water in (or ask for some boiling water where ever you are - most cafes, restaurants etc will not mind at all) with a compartmentalised formula dispenser and mix on-the-go.

• DON’T keep any leftovers. Bacteria from baby’s mouth can multiply to harmful levels in the bottle so always toss any leftover formula after a feed.

• DON’T use a microwave to heat a bottle as it heats unevenly and lead to burns. It can also cause the nutrients to breakdown. Always test the temperature of the milk on the inside of your forearm. It should be luke-warm or room temperature but no warmer.

Sasha Romary launched The Modern Mama in 2016 to provide maternity and postpartum support to women worldwide.  As a trained postpartum doula, Sasha uses evidence-based information and a practical approach to supporting new parents in preparing for the arrival of a new baby and in the early days of parenthood.

Follow her adventures at @_themodernmama

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