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How To Prepare For Birth Part 2

How To Prepare For Birth Part 2

Prepped, packed and ready to welcome little one.

We want to help you get yourself ready in the weeks leading up to your due date. To make things simple for you, we’ve listed the most important ways to have everything organised.

"The mind is such a powerful tool and it is absolutely incredible what your body can do when you think positively!" - Hannah, Blonde and Bone

Mind and Body Ready

It might seem obvious, but staying calm and relaxed with help you stay healthy. We know there might be a plethora of things you want to achieve before your baby arrives, but if it’s not vital, then leave it until after. Stress is not needed & not healthy for either of you, so channel your inner zen into becoming a mother. Blogger, mother and MORI ambassador Hannah Whitehead found that "the mind is such a powerful tool and it is absolutely incredible what your body can do when you think positively!", which helped her with the birthing process.

This goes for your body as well. Consistently eating healthy will keep you & little one feeling glowing, however, you’re also allowed to indulge. As we mentioned, mind is as important as body, so if having a slice of cake after your greens is going to put a smile on your face, then we say do it.

Birthing Strategy

You might have already thought about this, but having a strategy put in place will be a great help. If you and your birthing partner are on the same page, you’ll feel lot more in control of the situation, even if your baby comes unexpectedly.

Knowing how you would like to give birth, what happens if there are complications and the kind of support you require will make you less apprehensive. With your partner, go through everything you need to and make sure they are sure of what support you need & what you might need at the hospital. When you’re in pain, you might not be able to communicate what you need so have someone that can get this across on your behalf.

Prepare Your Home

When you first arrive back from the hospital, you want to enter a den of zen. Get in touch with your spiritual side one or two weeks before, to make sure serenity seeps at every corner of your personal Eden. However that presents itself to you, is entirely up to your personality, some of us like candles, some of us like chocolate, and some of us like both!

Some general things that might give you that sense of peace are having the house in a nice clean state (yes, you can make someone else do this for you). Making sure you have some food in the fridge, a comforting space to chill out in, and all of your baby’s essentials in an easily accessible place.

Plan Your Trip To The Hospital

It seems more than obvious, but sometimes things get forgotten and they’re often the most important. Driving to the hospital should be as straightforward as bundling into the car and going, but if you’ve ever gone on an impromptu weekend away, you’ll know that’s far from reality.

Plan the route you’re taking, in which car & where your designated driver will be at any given time as labour is the champion of unpredictability. Have in mind the journey length, so that when you’re screaming to get there faster, you know there are only 10 more minutes to endure. Also have a plan B, just in case of emergencies.

Your Hospital Bag

Finally, the most crucial aspect you need to have prepared; your hospital bag. Minimal is our philosophy and we believe that less truly is more. There’s no need to leave your partner with aching arms by packing your whole wardrobe, you just need essentials.

Consider how long you’re going to be there (usually 1-2 days), what will make you most comfortable, the first touch on baby’s skin & any other necessary bits you need. Cable knit jumpers, slippers, phone chargers, bodysuits & books are just to name a few, but if you’re struggling you can have a look at our hospital bag checklist.

Image credit: gparrish

We always want to make birth straightforward for you, that’s why we designed the essentials hospital bag:


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