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MORI Kindness Project

Ensuring children in need can feel the comfort of MORI & reducing landfill

Quality is a priority for us, and our products last through washes and time. This means that other little ones in need can feel the comfort of MORI, helping them to be happy and sleep well. In London, 37% of children live in poverty, the highest rate across England. Yet, only around half of mums pass on outgrown or unused children’s clothes. By extending the life of babywear products it also means that we can reduce landfill when £3,500 of clothes for each and every child in the UK gets thrown away every year. That's why we started the Kindness Project.

We’ve partnered with a small local parent-run charity, Little Village, to donate your unwanted MORI clothing to a family in need.

When you donate your used or unused MORI products, we’ll pass these directly to Little Village who will curate beautiful bundles for parents that are in need of a helping hand. In return for your kindness, you’ll receive a credit towards purchasing the next size for your baby. Remaining items will be recycled.

MORI x Little Village

Little Village is a small parent-run charity providing good quality baby clothes and equipment, donated by local families, to local families in need. They promote sustainable living, and make it easy for local families to help one another in a respectful, non-judgemental, non-patronising way.

Little Village make sure donations feel like gifts, rather than hand-outs, so they include goodies for the mum, and only pass on items that are good enough quality that they’d give to a friend. A beautifully packaged bundle of all the kit they need makes mums feel cared for, supported by an invisible network of other mums, and helps them to feel like they can be good parents in the most challenging of circumstances.

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Receive MORI Credit for Every Donation

In return for your kind efforts, you'll receive MORI credit for the items you return. Full info below:

You'll receive £10 credit when you send back 3 or more MORI apparel items. If you send back 1-2 products, you'll receive £5 MORI credit. Please see FAQs below for full details.

Postage: MORI will send you a pre-paid returns label to send back your items, limited to one per customer per month. We encourage you to send back all items in one go to be eligible for MORI credit.

How to take part

If you would like to take part, simply email with your full name and the number of items you would like to donate.



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