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size guide starter set - metric

Swaddle Bag sizing
size baby's weight (kg) baby's height (cm)
nb - 3m 2.2 - 5.4 up to 62


• We advise that the Swaddle Bag is used from approx.15 days instead of the first day. This ensures your baby is the correct weight & height to safely wear the product.


Clever Sleeping Bag sizing
size baby's weight (kg) baby's height (cm)
nb - 24m from 4 up to 13 from 56 up to 92


• We advise that the Clever Sleeping Bag is only used from 4kg to ensure small babies don't slip down into the sleeping bag.
We advise that babies should not wear padded/bulky clothing or sleeping bags whilst in a car seat while driving for safety purposes. You can keep your baby warm in the car by adjusting the temperature or placing a blanket over the straps once they are harnessed in.


clothing sizing
size baby's weight (kg) baby's height (cm)
tiny baby up to 2.3 up to 45
nb up to 4.1 up to 56
0 - 3m 5.7 62
3 - 6m 7.4 68
6 - 9m 8.8 74
9 - 12m 9.9 80
12 - 18m 11.3 86
18 - 24m 12.4 92
2 - 3y 14.5 98
3 - 4y n/a 103
4 - 5y n/a 110


• Sleep & Play One-Pieces should always have a snug fit on your little one for safety.
• If your baby is nearly the size up, we always recommend going for that size to make sure the product lasts longer.
• To measure a small baby lay them down & stretch a measuring tape from the top of their head to the bottom of their heel.


towels sizing
size age baby's weight (kg) product size (cm)
baby towel up to 9m up to 8.8 75 x 75
toddler towel from 9m - 3y from 8.8 100 x 84


• Towels should fit to wrap around your little one to keep them cosy & warm after bath time


accessories sizing
product product size (cm)
baby blanket 87 x 74
regular muslin burp cloth 75 x 75
large muslin burp cloth 110 x 100



headwear sizing
size baby's head circumference (cm)
0 - 3m 40
3 - 6m 43
6 - 12m 45
12 - 24m 49


• To measure head size, take a soft measuring tape and gently wrap around your little one's head.


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