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Between birth and two years, baby spends more than x% of their day asleep, so finding the right sleep wear that can help the baby as well as the new parents doze off is essential for happy families.

Sleep wear differs by age. How old is your baby?

Less than 3 months 3 months - 2 years

Safe + Comfortable

Made from super sift and thermoregulating natural fabric that will keep your baby safe and comfortable all night. Undistrubed sleep means a happy, healthy little one and more time for you relax

Our Swaddle bag, a perfect wrap to help new borns sleep soundly

  • Prevents front rolling
  • Keeps them in a natural sleeping position
  • Arms tucked in for a secure feel

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Swaddle bag

Crafted to make swaddling simple, our soft & safe swaddle bag perfectly wraps baby up to help them sleep soundly through the night. The practical design prevents little one from rolling onto their tummy & keeps them in a natural sleeping position.

I zipped Pippa in her new sleeping bag tonight and for pretty much the first time in 9 months she went straight to sleep with no fuss! No rocking, no sssshhhing, patting, swaying or screaming! Perhaps it has nothing to do with her new sleeping bag, maybe it's magic! But, I wonder what the chances of her sleeping through the night for the first time are...Thanks Mori! x

Lacey H, Mother of Pippa

Our Sleeping Bag, a perfect wrap to help newborns sleep soundly

For longer sleeps in all seasons.

  • Prevents front rolling
  • Keeps them in a natural sleeping position
  • Arms tucked in for a secure feel

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Easy to use

Our sleeping bags are versatile in more ways than one. Suitable from 4kgs to 2 years with adjustable arm opening and length, they'll grow as little one does. We're taking away the stress and worry of sleep time.

"MORI's Clever Sleeping Bag allows plenty of space for babies to move. If they are stuck in something too confining, they cannot roll and do not get a comfortable sleep."

- Heather Turgeon, Sleep Expert


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