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how to cope with social distancing during pregnancy

how to cope with social distancing during pregnancy

No one could have prepared you for what was about to happen… You will have spent weeks and months thinking about your baby shower, your birth and being a new mother, with all those thoughts including your closest friends and family. Now you’ve found yourself in the midst of a pandemic, one that relies on social distancing which means you can’t have your support network round to help you prepare for a baby or look after your new little one.

This wasn’t expected and we know how tough this is for some women out there. Times are tough, but together we can support one another and share words of reassurance that will hopefully get us all through this period together.

social distancing during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of those times in your life that everyone wants to rally around you and do everything on your behalf.

During the end of your trimester you might need support to do things around the house and even put your socks on.

If you have your partner or someone at home with you, they can still help you with these things. Pregnant women have been advised to self-isolate for 12 weeks and avoid contact, therefore you’ll need to rely on someone to drop off groceries at your doorstep.

Coping with being pregnant and not being able to see friends and family isn’t going to be easy, but focus on your mental health and wellbeing during this time.

virtual baby shower

Having a baby shower might not be a necessity, but it’s a tradition and one that every expecting mother enjoys.

This period of social distancing has meant that we have to get a little more creative with how we celebrate occasions, and the same goes for your baby shower. Just because you can’t see everyone in person doesn’t mean you have to call off your baby shower.

A virtual baby shower can still be exciting and give you something to focus on planning at home. You can send out invites through email which can be hand-designed at home or made using online tools.

Then all you’ll need is to make sure everyone dials in at the same time and gets to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the little one! You can still put up party balloons, bake a cake and decorate the house. You can even do a gender reveal through video call! If friends or family want to give gifts, they can leave these on your doorstep or have they delivered directly to you.

keep everyone updated

It will come as no surprise that everyone is going to be worried about you and want to know how you are doing. This might be quite tiring for you as you will constantly have messages from people asking about how you’re currently doing.

If you’re finding it difficult to get back to everyone and a little overwhelming, you could let them know and schedule times for calls with them weekly instead of replying to messages all the time.

Alternatively you could get creative with the way you keep everyone updated - you could set up a private Instagram account where you detail your pregnancy, send out a broadcast Whatsapp message that has pictures and general updates or if you like writing and fancy something different, you could start your very own weekly newsletter - it might even brighten everyone’s week a little.


remember safety & wellbeing

This period is going to come with it’s challenges, and many of those will be trying to keep a positive mental outlook.

Something that is important to remember during this time is the reasons you are not seeing everyone - for the safety and wellbeing of yourself and your little one. With that in mind you can see it as a way to focus on keeping yourself feeling 100% before your little one is born.

Making the most of a tough situation is important and therefore this is the perfect time to be giving yourself all the self-love you can.

You can focus on eating well, preparing the nursery, practicing yoga and meditation and generally doing things that you enjoy. If you’re struggling with anxiety through this period, there are lots of coping mechanisms, which you can read more about here.

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